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Wednesday, October 27

Jelani Jenkins (Mindfulness Workshop)

Wednesday, October 27 at 1pm- 2pm

Jelani Jenkins is a 5 year NFL veteran and Certified Performance and Mindset Coach. He is the founder/CEO of Postseason - a social learning platform combining community and e-learning software to support athletes beyond the game.

Jelani built his coaching practice in response to the challenges he went through after retiring from the NFL. Built on two key principles, his methodology emphasizes Self-Discovery and Self-Mastery. Through mindset training, Jelani helps high-performers become aware of their subconscious limitations so that they can disrupt them and realign with their greatness.

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Wednesday, November 3

Sheila Walsh (Financial Wellness Workshop)

Wednesday, November 3 at 1pm- 2pm

“A Rich Life Financial Wellness Workshop”

Sheila Walsh CFP® is a former Division 1 athlete turned financial empowerment coach. She helps people unlock their capacity for an abundant life by building healthy financial habits and making decisions aligned to their goals and values.

Sheila conducts financial wellness workshops for companies, universities, and athletes. She is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING professional and has worked with prominent investment firms helping thousands of financial advisors and investors understand how life events and behavioral tendencies can influence our financial journey.

She earned her undergraduate degree from Brown University and MBA from Georgetown University. Although her days of being part of two National Champion rowing teams are long behind her, athletics remain an important part of her identity and she recently started golf lessons.

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Thursday, November 11

Rob Jua (Money Mindset)

Thursday, November 11 at 1pm- 2pm

“The Market Mindset”

Rob Jua is a Music Exec turned Mindset Curator/Stock Trader. In 2018, Rob moved to Atlanta where he met former CEO of Motown Records, Kedar Massenburg. He loved Rob's energy and decided to hire him the day they met. Massenburg later partnered with the music icon Akon, and created a label in which Rob was appointed the Head of A&R.
Everything changed for Rob in late 2020 after receiving a call from F. Glenn Harvey, former CEO of Broadway Federal Bank. He urged Rob to learn how to trade stocks, and mentored him throughout his financial journey. Rob's unstoppable drive is inspired by the love for his family, faith, positive mindset, and helping others become better versions of themselves.

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Introducing Postseason

Welcome to the launch of Postseason! We are a community dedicated to helping each other thrive off the field. Schedule a call with, our founder and mindset coach, Jelani Jenkins today to learn...

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